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Connecting Our Community

For Our City Chandler

Connecting Our Community

About For Our City Chandler

I am excited to be celebrating For Our City - Chandler’s 10-year Anniversary as new Director!!

I know I have large shoes to fill, but I plan to continue supporting the many strong programs FOC - Chandler has initiated over the past 10 years. The incredible collaboration and volunteerism involved in making these programs happen, truly shows Chandler’s community spirit.  

One of my goals as new Director is to engage our youth to become more involved in For Our City - Chandler. Seeing our youth learn firsthand from Chandler nonprofits, faith, and business leaders is something that cannot be taught. For students to see the direct impact they can make by working with others is immeasurable to both their futures and our future achievements together.

Another goal I have is to grow FOC’s outreach and participation levels. Our current participants are outstanding and it is crucial that we share the impact we make as a community, with others. A major aspect of this is general community knowledge about Chandler nonprofits. Everyone must know where to go when they see a person experiencing homelessnes on the street, where to give during the holidays, or who assists with senior programs in our City. For Our City - Chandler nonprofits are a force of good in this City and everyone should know what programs they provide or how to reach them. In short, everyone should know what For Our City - Chandler organizations do! 

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I look forward to celebrating For Our City - Chandler’s 10-Year Anniversary with you in 2019, and our many successes far into the future. We can accomplish so much more together and I cannot wait to get started.  LOVE OUT LOUD!

Victor E. Hardy

For Our City - Chandler, Director


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