ChangeUp Campaign - Help End Homelessness

Giving a few dollars to someone who is panhandling might help them meet an immediate need, or satisfy your desire to help, but it is unlikely to resolve the complex issues which led them to solicit your assistance. 

The ChangeUp Campaign was created to provide an alternative way to give - a way that helps make a long-term difference.

In Chandler, we have people who have been through homelessness called Peer Outreach Navigators. They help people currently experiencing homelessness get back on track.

Your ChangeUp donation gives our Peer Outreach Navigators the ability to go a step further by paying for someone's meal, I.D. card, or bus ticket. Our Navigators do whatever it takes to build a relationship with someone living on the street and start working towards long-term solutions with them.

*As a nonprofit 501c3, you will receive a tax receipt via email for your donation.

Where does the money go?